End-of-summer aperitif with the President of the Province, Vitali


On Monday 12th of September , the Bagno Giulia had the pleasure of hosting the end-of-summer aperitif with the President of the province, Stefano Vitali.

The occasion was a pleasant one, and a wonderful opportunity to weigh up the end-of-summer budget, which this year appeared in a new guise, from use of low-impact and recycled materials, manufacturing products according to traditional architectural lines and applying the principles of bioclimatic architecture and green building, sustainability, energy conservation, breaking down architectural barriers, enhancing and upgrading the landscape, privileging visibility and angles. Consequently, the figures for summer 2011 were very positive.

President Vitali praised the ability, willingness and commitment to this project, which will change the look of the beach and revolutionise the experience offered to clients, which now takes into account not just quality and beauty, but also respect for the environment and environmental conservation, which is effective from every angle. The hard work of the Giovanardi family in undertaking and investing with ethics and courage, even in an uncertain economic time, is laudable. The President also mentioned that ‘team building’ would be the key to true renewal for the whole Riviera.

“The visit of President Vitali’, said Matteo Giovanardi, ‘was one of the greatest rewards of this summer, which has been so wonderful and so memorable. I really wanted him to see my environmentally friendly and sustainable beach, which is accessible to all, and designed not only for fun but also for solidarity and equality – not only in his institutional role but also as a man whose moral values I admire greatly and for his proximity to the causes that have driven my work in recent years. I am closing the season on a definite high note!”