Bagno Giulia

Riccione, summer 2011: a great achievement under the sun.

People, environmental conservation and quality of life are the guiding values which underpinned the choices made in the creation of the new Bagno Giulia, a unique beach resort which combines modernity and tradition, history and innovative technology in Europe’s first entirely accessible and ecologically sustainable tourist destination. The resort has been managed for over 30 years by the Giovanardi family: first by Tino and Giulia, and now by Matteo and Flavia, with regard for continuity, culture, hospitality and tradition, with particular attention to each person and to energy-saving measures which have taken effect since 2002, when the ‘Sustainable Beach’ and ‘Accessible Bathing Establishment’ were presented at the tourism forum of the Province of Rimini. Visit the ‘Eco-sustainability and Accessibility’ page. By summer 2011, the most ambitious project had been completed: the complete structural overhaul of the resort.

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Bagno Giulia has completely revamped its image.

Resembling an early nineteenth-century postcard of a striking beach location, with sand dunes, indigenous plants and wooden cabins with slanted roofs, the designs of architect Loris Casali draw on modern aspects, in both form and in materials, of the historical identity of the place.

The design was completed using materials with low environmental impact, as well as recycled materials. The work drew from simple architectural tradition, and the principles of bio-climactic architecture and green building, as well as sustainability, energy savings through solar thermal and photovoltaic methods, and the breaking down of architectural barriers, to enhance and improve the landscape with a compositional choice favouring visibility and angles. Visit the ‘Architectural Design’ page.

The new health area, which includes hot tubs, is a striking space which traces the ancient landscape of the beach, with typical vegetation of the coastal area.

All the facilities of Bagno Giulia are designed to ensure the best possible stay for our guests; equipment is maintained with the utmost care. The guests are offered top of the range materials, facilities and services.