Eco-sustainability and accessibility

The Eco-friendly Beach

Bagno 85 Giulia was the first beach to take part in “Agenda 21”, a program on sustainable tourism devised by the Province of Rimini on the use of innovative and sustainable technologies and saving resources. Within the framework of this project, our establishment has done the following since 2003:

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  • Waste separation and recycling units
  • Solar thermal collectors to heat water for the showers
  • Flow reducers and time faucets for water saving
  • Water collection tanks connected to the showers
  • Water recovery plant for toilet flush and water system
  • Photovoltaic cells for electrical power generation
  • Low-energy electrical aids
  • Information on the eco-sustainable management of the beach
  • Research for eco-sustainable materials and equipment
  • Environmental education in collaboration with associations and local entities


Information point

  • Quality of the bathing water
  • Quality of the air
  • Quality of UVA radiations
  • Weather forecasts


Spiaggia LiberAtutti – The Free-For-All Beach Project

Our beach is a pioneer in terms of beach club accessibility. Our goal is to ensure that all guests can find everything required to cater for their needs, without having to depend on constant assistance, so that everyone can fully enjoy his or her holiday independently. This has earned us the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.


  • Entrance from the promenade and footpath inside the beach free from any architectural barriers
  • Guided footpath for blind people from the main entrance of the beach to the reception
  • A map of the beach, also written in Braille, indicating all the services
  • A private changing room with a 80 cm wide door
  • An hot shower equipped with all the necessary supports
  • Hygienic services equipped with all the necessary supports
  • 1 metre wide footpath leading to the shore; in the proximity of the shore it becomes 3 sq. m. wide; built with recycled materials
  • Two aids to enable disabled people enter the water: a JOB chair and an anti-capsizing canoe
  • Two raised beach loungers to facilitate getting from the wheelchair onto the beach lounger and vice versa

Project for the Blind

For the blind, we have created the European path with a special pavement, leading from the promenade to the reception where blind people can find a Braille map indicating all the services offered by Bagno Giulia.