Riccione, a pearl of the Adriatic

From the origins to the post-war period

The first settlements in Riccione date back to around the 2nd century B.C as attested by the most ancient archaeological findings proving the relationships and contacts this settlement had with the rest of Italy and more distant lands … Continue


Riccione, from the Sixties up to now
Riccione is one of the most known tourist destinations in the Italian beach holiday landscape. It caters for all kinds of tourism and tourists, from young people, who know it is the place to be in terms of entertainment… Continue

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The Countryside and Excursions

The hinterland of the Province of Rimini is rich in natural beauty, suggestions and mystery. There are several fortresses located along the directive lines of Valconca and Valmarecchia. Make the most of your holiday by the sea to delve into the history of the Malatesta Lordship; Bagno 85 organises pleasant excursions to the main medieval locations of the regions. Some of the most famous destinations, known for their history and legends, are the following:


Montebello and the castle of Azzurrina
The Caves of Onferno
Santarcangelo di Romagna
San Leo