From the origins to the post-war period

The first settlements in Riccione date back to around the 2nd century B.C as attested by the most ancient archaeological findings proving the relationships and contacts this settlement had with the rest of Italy and more distant lands. In later periods, it is known that in 1260 the Florentine family of Agolanti, linked to the Malatesta family from Rimini, settled in Riccione. Even now, it is possible to see the ruins of their castle on the hills of the town. From the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth centuries, the territory of Riccione extended towards the coast; people did not know what use to make of that sandy stretch for quite some time until very elegant residences start to appear there at the end of the century. An important sign in the development of the town is owed to benefactress Maria Boorman Ceccarini who helped remake the canal harbour, build the hospital, named after her husband Giovanni Ceccarini, and the nursery school, which still bears her name. The birth of the Municipality of Riccione dates back to October 19th, 1922, by a Royal Decree. From this moment on, the town starts to define its profile as a touristic-bathing locality. In 1934, Benito Mussolini purchased a mansion he used as a holiday house in Riccione and it became his summer residence for the entire following decade. The mansion, fallen into disuse and left to the passing of years for several decades, was recently restored by the Municipality and today is the seat of cultural activities connected to the history, research and documentation of tourism in the Riviera. In the Thirties, the town already had an average annual flow of 30,000 tourists and more than 80 hotels incorporating the fabric of the finely built mansions and villas which had characterised the small town at the beginning of the century. During the Second World War, Riccione and nearby Rimini, endured heavy warfare due to the presence of the Gothic Line. Once the conflict ended, a slow and difficult reconstruction began and Riccione developed as an increasingly marked tourism, high society and fashion destination. In parallel with mass tourism, Riccione becomes a real holiday destination for showbiz, pop culture and sports personalities such as Pelé on his honeymoon, Mina, Ugo Tognazzi, Vittorio De Sica, Gina Lollobrigida and so many more. Once the tourist boom of the Seventies came to an end, Riccione reinvented itself by creating other opportunities for entertainment and creating rich show and events seasons.


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