Montebello and the castle of Azzurrina


The story tells the tale of the very young daughter of Ugolinuccio Malatesta, Guendalina, who mysteriously disappeared at the age of eight, while she was playing and running after her cloth ball inside the fortress of the castle of Montebello.
Today this story attracts hundreds of tourists who, when going to the castle, hope to witness some supernatural event.
There is something special about little Guendalina: she was albino and at that time this particularly uncommon and was considered to be a sign of sorcery and therefore a creation of the devil. She was given the name Azzurrina as her mother dyed her hair black to hide her disease. But her typical albino’s hair did not take the dye and her hair ended up with a blue-ish reflection.
The legend says that the last time her minder saw her, the little girl was playing with her ball inside the castle because it was a rainy day. Guendalina was playing with her cloth ball and disappeared inside a tunnel at the end of the stairs leading to the cellar to recover it.
This is the version of the guards responsible for looking after the child; all she left behind was the echo of her happy laughter in the cellar. The remains of the girl have never been found and there is no way she could have got out of the castle tunnels of the castle other than climbing those stairs. A terrible storm raged outside the walls, until the disappearance of Azzurrina. Laughter, the games of a little girl, the 12 tolling of bells, and a fast heartbeat are amongst the most heard and recorded phenomena, which can be heard only in the years ending in 0 or 5 on the day of the solstice. Several occultists, researchers, graduates and also experts from broadcasting corporation RAI went to the castle on the night of June, 21 to record the phenomena and try to understand their nature. But an explanation has not yet been found… Even now, during the guided tour to the castle, you can listen to RAI’s recordings.